About Ummati Arts

Islamic architecture encompasses building traditions from Muslim civilisations dating back as far as the 7th century. It includes designs from Persian, Byzantine, Ottoman and various other dynasties. The distinctive features of Islamic architecture are the domes, minarets, arches, Arabic calligraphy and intricate mosaic detailing.

Ummati Art- art with a purpose- captures this architectural excellence on canvas, with the purpose of uplifting and supporting various charities. As our awe and love for painting these holy buildings grew deeper, we assisted several charity organisations in fundraising. Our first masterpiece was an oil painting of the Dome of the Rock, Palestine. This art piece travelled with delegates of a charity organisation and raised funds towards water provision in needy areas. Several of our paintings have even reached international destinations, raising funds for the construction of buildings used by the community, water projects and providing education to the underprivileged.

Purchasing art from us will, therefore, fulfil a dual purpose. You will be supporting a worthy cause while acquiring a unique work of art.

Commission-specific work is also possible using pictures provided by you. Landscapes, sceneries and any structure can be transformed into an oil masterpiece with the exception of portraits and animals. We also have a stunning range of mosaic work of the Islamic heritage sites with each tile forming part of a grand sight.

Recently, we have launched an exclusive range of cutlery decorated with intricate artwork of the various Islamic heritage sites. Moreover, we are able to create cutlery that matches the print on your very own dinner set. These will add a touch of elegance and class to your dinner table or serve as a unique and cherished gift for family and friends.

Our speciality medium is oil paint but we are able to work in various other media and styles. Keep checking our site for regular updates on new works of art.